Three Year Old's

Sunshine and Rainbows Early Learning Center offers two day and three day classes for 3 year olds on.

2 Day
• Monday/Wednesday
• Tuesday/Thursday
3 Day
• Monday/Wednesday/Thursday
 • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

All classes are scheduled from 9:00am – 2:00pm

Three Year Old Curriculum Units of Study

Along with Pre-Academic skills the three’s curriculum includes Art, Music, Steam Lab, Spanish lessons, and Religion lessons that include virtues. The themes listed represent topics they will learn throughout the year in a very hands-on, enriched environment.

Weekly Themes

Pre Academics


Counting/Numbers/Math Skills


Nursery Rhymes/Rhyming

Letters/Pre-reading Skills

Language Skills

All About Me

I’m Special


Feelings/Being Safe




My Body/Clothing

Dental Health



My World/Social Studies

Community Helpers


Our Country









Outer Space

Healthy Foods

In My Garden



At the Beach





Diversity Day

Valentine’s Day


Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

In-House Field Trips for 3’s

Allen Fire Department Visit

Dental Office Visit

Transportation Museum

Allen Food Pantry Visit

Storytelling from the Allen Library

Special Events for 3’s

Monthly Prayer Services

Three’s perform at Open House

Halloween Parade

Little Olympics Game Day

Diversity Day Parade

Cinco de Mayo Parade

The Purpose of "Centers" in Our Classroom

When you see me in the Dramatic Play Center I am:

·      Expanding my oral language and social interaction skills

·      Beginning to understand other people and learn about their needs and responsibilities

·      Making decisions and solving problems

·      Expressing my ideas with words

·      Sorting and organizing things

·      Learning about my world as I recreate real-life situations


When you see me in the Book and Listening Center I am:

·      Looking at books and learning how to take care of them

·      Listening responsibly to stories and texts read aloud, including selections from classic and modern works

·      Enjoying and appreciating different types of stories, poems and other forms of literature

·      Developing listening skills

·      Learning how to be independent

·      gaining knowledge of my own culture and the culture of others

·      Becoming aware of the rhyme and rhythm in stories

·      Following oral directions


When you see me in the Literacy and Writing Center I am:

·      Becoming familiar with letters and sounds

·      Organizing letters to form words

·      Learning that my ideas have value

·      Learning to communicate ideas in written form

·      Becoming familiar with letter forms, words, phrases and stories

·      Reading and interpreting pictures

·      Developing an interest in a variety of books and printed materials

·      Learning the rhythm of stories

·      Increasing my awareness of the enjoyment of books


When you see me in the Art Center I am:

·      Exercising my imagination and creativity

·      Learning to take risks by experimenting with paint, crayons, clay, scissors, paper, glue, etc.

·      Expressing my feelings and ideas

·      Observing, planning, creating and completing a project

·      Improving fine motor skills

·      Learning about colors, textures, lines, and space


When you see me in the Science and Discovery Center I am:

·      Learning about the natural environment

·      Developing problem solving and questioning skills

·      Practicing observational skills

·      Comparing and measuring

·      Problem solving and working together

·      Discussing, observing and exploring my environment by working with plants

·      Weighing and measuring

·      Performing simple experiments


When you see me in the Math and Manipulatives Center I am:

·      Learning about numbers

·      Learning about shapes (Geometry)

·      Learning how to create patterns

·      Analyzing data by sorting and graphing

·      Measuring and weighing


When you see me in the Block Center I am:

·      Problem solving and planning as I construct

·      Developing fine and gross motor skills

·      Learning to cooperate and accept the work of others

·      Observing size relationships, classifying and sorting

·      Participating in creative and imaginative play

·      Acquiring concepts of shape, size, length, and location--all relative to learning to read and doing mathematics


When you see me in Circle Time I am:

·      Developing my attention span

·      Listening to others

·      Developing my receptive and expressive language skills

·      Learning how to count

·      Learning how to observe weather patterns

·      Learning to be cooperative

·      Learning how to take turns



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